Back Office & Information Technology

The “back office” industry cluster includes companies’ call/customer service centers, technical support, processing facilities and data centers. Bluffton’s largest employer, eviCore healthcare, formerly known as CareCore National, operates an expansive call center in its Bluffton headquarters as hundreds of employees evaluate healthcare insurance claims. This type of “clean industry” is the Town of Bluffton’s perfect match; it provides high-quality jobs for the local economy while producing no environmentally-damaging byproducts.

These are the type of companies the Town of Bluffton is actively recruiting. Among the industries which would complement Bluffton’s high-quality lifestyle is the financial services industry. This industry has historically outsourced support operations to third-party firms specializing in back office support. More industries are exploring this concept as a cost-saving measure.

The information-technology, payroll, accounting and other administrative functions of companies are additional sectors which are ideal to locate to Bluffton.

The Lowcountry has a relatively strong, current concentration in the back-office functions, employing more than 4,300 workers in the Lowcountry, the sector grew 7.7% from 2005-2010.

eviCore healthcare’s success provides a boost to the cluster’s future potential. The company has added hundreds of employees in just three years and is located in Buckwalter Place, a large commercial park dedicated for similar companies. eviCore’s willingness to partner with Clemson University and the Town of Bluffton to create the Don Ryan Center for Innovation, has positioned Bluffton as a statewide competitor for entrepreneurial companies.

In addition, eviCore has created a local workforce which possesses specialized skills in cost management, record maintenance, customer service and information technologies. These skills are highly transferable and would support a number of other vertical industries. eviCore offers a seed for expanding the fast-growing medical-related back office and records management niche in the Lowcountry.

Growth Factors

Several factors supporting the growth of the back office and information technology clusters in the Lowcountry are:

  • An exiting military workforce, which is a good match for process-oriented support services and customer-orientation
  • A greatly expanded Computational Science program at USCB, especially in applied studies related to other target industries such as logistics, light manufacturing, and aerospace
  • A tourism-oriented workforce, which has been trained in customer service
  • A growing college population in neighboring Savannah
  • Increasing emphasis on entrepreneurship as an economic development engine, creating firms that will increase demand for local technical and IT support services
  • Low cost of doing business
  • The Lowcountry’s appealing natural environment and attractiveness to executive visitors and retirees, making the region an ideal setting for corporate campuses and regional headquarters.
  • A regional distribution cluster will make logistics-related back office and IT an emerging opportunity.

Niche Targets

Back Office and Information Technology Niche Targets:

  • IT and Technical Services
  • Records Management
  • Medical-Related Back Office
  • Regional Headquarters

Emerging Opportunities

Back Office and Information Technology Emerging Opportunities:

  • Logistics-Related Back Office and IT
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