Bluffton Explorer

Bluffton Explorer is an interactive map, provided by the Town of Bluffton, which provides jurisdictional information for addresses throughout the Bluffton area. Just plug in an address and Bluffton Explorer will provide information regarding the parcel number, owner of property, zoning district, school zones, legislative delegation, flood zones, and if the property is within the Town of Bluffton or unincorporated Beaufort County.

This is important to you, as a property or business owner or a prospective owner, since each governmental entity has its own permitting process, ordinance compliance and services.

While providing jurisdictional information is the most common use of Bluffton Explorer, it has many other attributes such as discovering the history of a specific property using the 1951-2014 aerial view slider at the bottom of the application to discover how the property-related facts evolved through time. Further, Bluffton Explorer offers a current listing of available sites for current and prospective business owners to locate and grow in Bluffton.

For more information or if you have questions about Bluffton Explorer, you can call the Town Information Technology Department at 843-706-4500.

To access the Bluffton Explorer, please click on the map below:

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