Corporate Headquarters

The corporate headquarters industry cluster is a perfect complement to Bluffton’s business environment. This cluster includes providing the central location where corporate employees are employed and where the majority of the company’s or the company’s business units such as financial, human resources, legal, planning, information technology are physically-based.

The region’s largest employer in the field, eviCore healthcare, formerly CareCore National, provides a boost to the cluster’s future potential. The company helps large health insurance companies manage their customers and services. The company has grown to more than 600 employees in the Lowcountry in just five years and is located in Buckwalter Place, the heart of Bluffton’s commercial area.

The Town of Bluffton has partnered with eviCore to recruit more corporate headquarters and innovative companies to the area. In 2012, eviCore healthcare donated the office space for the Town’s business incubator, the Don Ryan Center for Innovation, for the first four years of the incubator's existence. The Town, with eviCore’s donation, also partnered with Clemson University as the Don Ryan Center became the first incubator in the first Clemson Technology Village in South Carolina. The Town of Bluffton and the Don Ryan Center for Innovation have mentored other centers and towns in non-metropolitan areas of the state as they also established their Technology Villages or innovation centers.

While Bluffton pioneered the concept of establishing an innovation center in a non-metropolitan, it made perfect sense. The Town offers companies a pro-business environment in an area where their executives and employees can enjoy an extremely high quality of life. Bluffton’s ability to offer access to waterways, abundant natural resources, small-town culture and desirable climate is unmatched.

In addition to Bluffton’s beautiful surroundings, it also offers a highly-skilled workforce. Due to eviCore being the town’s largest employer, the company has been instrumental in creating a workforce in Beaufort County which possesses skill sets complementary to more corporate headquarters. The workforce has skills sets such as cost management, record maintenance, customer service and back office technologies. These skills are highly transferable and would support a number of other vertical industries. eviCore offers a seed for expanding the fast-growing medical-related back office and records management niche in the Lowcountry.

Growth Factors

Several factors will support the growth of the Corporate Headquarters cluster in the Lowcountry going forward:

  • An exiting military workforce, which is a good match for process-oriented support services and customer-orientation
  • A tourism-oriented workforce, which has been trained in customer service
  • A growing college population in neighboring Savannah
  • Low cost of doing business
  • The Lowcountry’s appealing natural environment and attractiveness to executive visitors and retirees, making the region an ideal setting for corporate campuses and regional headquarters.

Niche Targets

Corporate Headquarters Niche Targets:

  • IT and Technical Services
  • Records Management
  • Medical-Related Back Office
  • Regional Headquarters

Emerging Opportunities

Corporate Headquarters Emerging Opportunities:

  • Logistics-Related Back Office and IT
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